Rotaract Club

SOS Children's Village - Building A Friendship

SFU Rotaract Club
Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Makati Salcedo
Running Year 2011-2012 


Project Title: SOS Children's Village - Building A Friendship
Date: September 2011- on going
Venue: SOS Children’s Village Manila 


"SOS Children's Villages is an international non-governmental social development organization that has been active in the field of children's rights and committed to children's needs and concerns since 1949." - SOS Children's Village

The SFU Rotaract Club officers and members have been supporting the SOS Children’s Village, by building a friendship. The officers of the club and the village have been working together to have members volunteer and create different workshops for the benefit of the children of the village, such as tutorials, sports clinics and so on. The SFU Rotaract Club have invited those 4th yr students from the village to take the SFU Global Dimension Olympiad scholarship examination. 

Kimberley Pedge
SFU Rotaract Club