Internships and Work Placements

Vince Garcia

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Vince Garcia

As an HR major, I got the opportunity to undergo my internship in Solaire Resort & Casino. Solaire was the first five star resort and casino to be built in Pasay, which had gave me the excitement and chills in working as an intern there. 

Completing 300 hours of service, my day in Solaire starts with the task of commuting from Las Piñas going to Pasay where the Recruitment Centre of Solaire is located. Going there on the first day was a big challenge to me because I didn’t even know how to commute but luckily, some of my classmates also got accepted in Solaire so we were able to commute together.

My classmates and I were assigned to different departments- two were in the I.T department, one in Finance; and I was assigned in the Talent Acquisition Team of the HR department. My tasks in Solaire were more related to recruitment. I had to conduct initial assessment for applicants, interview applicants and decide whether or not they passed the first assessment. I was also given the assignment to sort-out hundreds of resumes to look for applicants who were qualified in the standards of Solaire. After sorting resumes, my fellow interns and I do call-outs where we call applicants and schedule them for interview and other matters related to their application.

One of the best parts of my whole internship experience was the buffet type team-dining that Solaire offers to their employees and interns. Every lunch time is always a happy lunch time because we got the chance to eat different varieties of food and beverages which made gave me a good appetite.

Another best part of my whole internship program was meeting different people every day. From 10 applicants to sometimes a hundred! Even though it’s tiring, I still did my best and finished my work. Learning the process on how the whole actual recruitment of a company works, it gave me the competitive edge and in the future, when it is my turn to get a job, I can use all the things that I have learnt in doing my internship at Solaire.