Internships and Work Placements

Chiaki Oka

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Chiaki Oka - Internship

Since I was a kid, I always had this interest in computers. I’d always format, open up and mess with our computers at home. Being able to study in a technological school during my middle school gave me an advantage and had me more interested in pursuing a degree in computers.

In SISFU, I was able to build a foundation in this career, I was able to pursue my dreams and have opportunities not everyone have. And so I grabbed and took advantage of this.

Being able to work in a company like Solaire Resort & Casino was something I was not expecting. Why? Because first of all I’m only 18 and they require you to be 21 for you to be able to get in. When I heard that from their Human Resource I lost the urge and thought that maybe I wasn’t supposed to be employed there, maybe there is another company that is better or a company that fits my knowledge.

And so I waited, and waited and waited. I didn’t receive any calls from them for days and so I forced myself to accept the fact that I was not going to be able to do my internship in that company. I was ready to confirm my internship to the other company that was also willing to have me as an intern. But then an employee from Solaire called me and asked why I wasn’t present in my first day of work and so I started explaining myself and got there the following week.

And so my life as an intern began. I wasn’t really expecting to get in the company because of my age but then day 1 of internship came. We were brought to our office by Ms. Shane and was introduced to our supervisor; Mr Rogelio Bagsic, Senior Manager for Network and Security. I wasn’t expecting to be a part of this department since I was hoping to in a department wherein I would learn more about programming. I was not feeling the work during the first day until we were assigned to our workstations.

What I really can’t believe is how our supervisor trusted and believed in us, and even though we were just interns there, they assigned us a very big project to handle. That project was to do the firewall for the entire company.

Our supervisor was always in a meeting, so when he’s free, he always takes advantage of the time to bring us to the server rooms and tour us inside the office. He shares his experiences and gives us tips on how to adjust and survive in the workplace. We’ve shared nothing but knowledge and laughter during our internship and that’s why I enjoyed it. I’ve gained knowledge and grew a lot as a person because of him.

What I learnt from this experience, I might not have learned in another company. In doing this project not only did I learn to be patient, but I also learned on how believing in yourself is also important. I learned to be patient when I was sorting out the IP Addresses for hours and right when I was almost done, I figured out a way to do things easier. It could’ve saved me more time! I’ve learned to trust and believe in myself and that I can always go explore and try new things. What I’ve gained in this experience, I will surely bring and apply for the rest of my life.