Internships and Work Placements

Nerry Bretaña

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Nerry Bretaña - Internship

In partial fulfillment for the course I am taking up in SISFU as a 2nd year Finance student, I underwent the internship program on the summer of 2013. After sending a few emails to a couple of companies, I was shortly contacted by Ms. Sam Timoteo, the Talent Sourcing agent of Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines.

I was designated to fill in for a job post that was being vacated by a contractual employee that was leaving. The job consists of compiling of reports that contained figures of sales and other data, which was relevant in my finance background. The job description also requires that I improve the process through automation and pointing out redundancies in the process, to shorten the time required to finish the work. 

The office, situated at Bonifacio Global City, was just around 30 minutes from my home. Although, this was the case, I had to make sure that I followed a strict schedule in coming to work because traffic becomes increasingly heavy in just a few minutes of being delayed. It was also made a point that punctuality is an important part in professionalism and in my time serving under the internship program, I have worked hard to deliver that. I can also say that working in my department under my supervisor, Julia Guico, has taught me a couple of people skills that I believe will be important in my career in the future. My experiences in facing difficulties and learning how to handle things properly will surely prove to be helpful in my career in the future.