Internships and Work Placements

Christine Riley

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Christine Riley - Internship

For our internship program summer of 2012, as a marketing student, I had the privilege of interning at SHK International. This company was started and is headquartered in Singapore. SHK International is an international broad-based trading and services company.

They are engaged in the sourcing and delivery of goods and services that cater to client’s needs to improve their overall efficiency and effectiveness to stay ahead of their competitors. This is done through innovative and efficient execution to get the best value for their clients.

During my internship, I learned to be a good listener and an active participant in several presentations and meetings with clients. They entrusted me to be their liaison officer and with this increasingly responsible position, I was able to utilize my knowledge and skills to work closely and collaboratively with others. Sometimes includes giving out my insight in analyzing and solving problems. Beside meetings, emailing and calling to people relating to particular tasks were also effectively used. During my first few days I made a couple of mistakes but my supervisor and co-workers were very helpful and encouraging so I never really felt intimidated in the office. Overall, I can say I had a wonderful experience being an intern at SHK International. I have gained confidence and knowledge that would help me in any career path that I choose in the future.