Internships and Work Placements

Angelica Cara Madamba

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Angelica Cara Madamba - Internship

I truly enjoyed my remarkable internship experience at Johnson & Johnson. By working in J&J’s Finance Department, where I was assigned to assist in designing financial controls and standard operating procedures, I was able utilize and apply what I learned in SISFU and at the same time learned new things. 

The tasks assigned, incentives provided, and interactions with my supervisor and co-workers made me experience what it feels like to be a real employee. Moreover, my time management and communication skills were further improved. The education I received from SISFU prepared me for this internship experience. Overall, the SISFU internship program provided me a genuine hands-on industry learning experience and gave me an opportunity to work in one of the most notable multinational companies in the country – both of which would give me advantage for my career in the future.