Internships and Work Placements

Cae Nicolas

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Cae Nicolas - Internship

They say that working is no joke, I can now testify to this statement. This internship program has been a great experience for me in starting my future. It has taught me a lot of lessons, especially appreciating all the hard work someone sacrifices for their loved ones.

I took my internship, together with two of my classmates, at SGV & Co. Most people I encounter tell me that it is a very good company and is a good way to start my career path. The moment I received a message from the HR Department, I got excited that I have a company to work with for my internship and experience how it is working in a real world.

My first day was on April 21, 2014. During my first day, not much work was given; the ambiance was still very relaxed and easy, therefore, I took the opportunity to acquaint myself with my fellow interns. But in the following days, everything started to change. Tasks were given and each task had to be done under pressure. I put in real effort in getting the most accurate and latest information I could get.

The first day was awkward. Meeting new people means you have to learn their attitude and behavior towards work and friends. However, as the days passed, I started to enjoy working with these people, especially my co-interns. We always make it a point to have fun while working everyday.

Every day, I worry about what to wear and the time I must leave the house. The feeling when I often check my watch whether I am late or I can still make it on time. If I have few minutes left, I have to walk very fast as if I am running just to get to the office on time.

Every day, I struggle looking for transportation going to the office. For every transportation I rode, I always encounter different experiences, such as being stuck in traffic or have a minimal incident along the way everytime I am in a hurry; be stranded for hours due to heavy rain; and lastly, encounter irritating passengers.

I was also able to experience arriving at home exhausted from a day’s work and the travel time that I just eat and sleep by the time I get home. No more time for watching TV or cheking out social media.

Despite all these, I see them as a great and funny experience and that will always be part of my daily life while working. All these paid off especially the moment I got my first ever allowance. It was an overwhelming feeling to receive what you have been working hard for.

Overall, this internship experience has helped me with my career. My stay has taught me more of what I have learned in school. Attending seminars was one factor. If I were to be asked if I would consider working in SGV & Co., it would definitely be an honor to work with them, despite the heavy tasks given. Currently, I am still continuing my internship at the said company. Busy seasons are approaching, more work are given. Despite these, I can still manage to handle the tasks given with the experience and knowledge I gained during my study in SFU and working in SGV&Co.