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Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Earn an Australian Degree Right Here At Home!

If you are a high school senior (or a parent of a high school senior), you might be surprised to note that we are already on the last weekend of January 2013!

Soon, you will be attending your final prom and before you know it, you would already be throwing your graduation caps in the air in gleeful celebration. What comes ahead is what will prepare you for the rest of your life: college.

College is meant to not only bring you education that will equip you to live the life of your dreams, but also to train you to become the best employee out there that will definitely guarantee amazing rewards.

Most international universities are noted for their world-class training of students and are best known for transforming students from simply being learners into active participators in society. While most of us dream of attending international universities, there are numerous factors that make this dream an impossible feat. 

However, it may be too early for you to give up on that dream because believe it or not, you can still be trained under a prestigious international university right here in the Philippines at a lower cost!

The International College of Hotel Management (ICHM), a Swiss Hotel Association school based in Australia, provides both Filipinos and international students living in the Philippines with the only Australian Degree in Hospitality Management in the Philippines! 

This feat is made possible by its partnership with SFU, which has been known as the pioneering and leading transnational University in the Philippines. 

SFU is noted in the education sector for its degrees, EdExcel certificates and diplomas in: Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts, Business (Management, Finance/Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management), and Computing (Information Systems Management and Computer Science). They also have recently begun offering Master of Business Administration.

Through SFU's partnership with ICHM, students are awarded an advanced program where they are given opportunities to:

• Earn an Australian Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management in the Philippines within 3 years.

• Be awarded paid internships in Australia, the United States or in any other country that the student may prefer

• Flexible third year study schedule that will allow students to work and complete their qualifications.

The first batch of ICHM students began their classes in June 2012 and are currently taking dual qualifications, meaning that aside from earning a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management from ICHM in Adelaide, Australia, students are also given the Edexcel Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management, U.K., which is recognized internationally in 149 countries. So in just three years of study, you will be earning both a Bachelor's Degree and the much coveted Edexcel Diploma, plus intensive work experience that will look great in your resume!

Students will also be given the wonderful opportunity to choose as to whether or not they will complete their final year in SFU or proceed to the ICHM campus in Adelaide, Australia. Transferees are also accepted for their last year of study.

The first batch of students who are taking their final year of the degree program have nothing but nice things to say about the grueling, yet satisfying program.

Jana Anievas found the program valuable. She says “Unlike other schools administering exams, we have scenarios which we apply according to our industry.” 

Meanwhile, Sierry Anne Sanchez gained experience as a café cashier, as well as a restaurant and kitchen supervisor during her internship. She believes that “it certainly gave me the knowledge I need to not only become a good worker in the hospitality industry sector, but a competent supervisor.” 

Joshua Fernandez gained valuable experience through his internship at the Hilton Hotel and Gala Casino, Isle of Man, U.K. He worked in the conference and banqueting department as bar assistant, then bar supervisor.

Angelique Dimabayao had her internship in Ibis Golf Country Club, Florida, USA. 

Ryan Pido, who just got back from a paid internship in Marriot Bristol Royal, UK and who is currently working as a business development officer while completing his degree program says, "The School of Hospitality Management helped prepare me due to the major subjects that focused on the core concepts and practices used in the industry, as well as the practical subjects which give you first-hand experience on how the real world is."

Jireh Aguilar, who also completed his paid internship program in Bristol Marriot, Royal in the UK says of the curriculum, "It enables students to explore opportunities worldwide!" Jireh, aside from completing his degree is also employed as a Front Office Supervisor in Marriot Hotel Manila.

Outstanding candidates will likewise be offered the chance to earn scholarships that will cover 50-100% of the tuition!

So what else are you waiting for? Make your dream come true now!

SFU will open its doors to interested students and their parents on the following dates: February 16 and March 16.

For more information, please call SFU at (632) 820.6774, (632) 820.5952, (632) 623.1461, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit our website

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